Our mission is to make
the ad market thrive

Media Futures Market is a pioneering new platform that directly connects verified buyers and sellers of high-quality media inventory, cutting out irrelevant middlemen who take a slice of the budget but add no discernible value.

What we have achieved


In 2023, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our reach internationally, starting with the U.K., the largest ad market in Europe. As we continue to evolve and grow, we have made the decision to switch our platform to a subscription model, rather than a transaction model. We are proud to welcome the biggest media owners in the Benelux and the U.K. to our platform and look forward to continuing to drive transparency and efficiency in the media buying and selling market.


Fast forward to 2022, and we are proud to have grown to 500 buyers, including 150 agencies and 350 advertisers, on our platform. We have over 1000 ad products live, and deals worth millions have been closed between buyers and sellers on our platform. At the end of the year, we received a seed investment from existing and new investors, which was a testament to the value we are bringing to the media buying and selling market.


In 2021, we onboarded our first buy- and sell-side partners and pre-seed investors. We continued to develop the MVP version of our platform, making significant improvements during the closed beta phase. In November of that year, we launched the platform for all advertisers and media owners, partnering with well-known companies such as Warner Bros. Discovery, JCDecaux, and Roularta Media.


Welcome to Media Futures Market, a B2B SaaS platform that was founded on the powerful idea that media buying and selling should not be as complex as it is today. Our mission from the start has been to lower market entry barriers and make the media buying market more transparent and efficient for all players.

“Media owners on the platform are assessed, curated, and validated by real people; media experts who apply consistent criteria to separate high from low quality media.”

Stijn Gimbrere

Managing Director, Media Futures Market

Media Futures Market is a go-to utility tool for marketeers

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By providing a single, easy-to-use world view of all quality media owners in one place, Media Futures Market is set to become the go-to utility service for buyers looking to optimize return on their own or their clients’ media investments.

By simplifying reporting, costs, and units of measurement across all quality media owners, Media Futures Market allows buyers to compare apples with apples. This enables them to properly assess and discover the options available in the entire market and optimise performance in a single, dynamic environment.

“This powerful network of verified buyers and sellers enables media buyers to discover, engage, and negotiate directly with high quality media owners.”

Jaap van Strien

Head of Product, Media Futures Market

The media-ecosystem will be more accessible and efficient than ever before

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Although the media marketplace is entirely funded by brands’ investment, many media buyers – both advertisers and their agency partners – lack the information and control they need to make informed buying choices.

There are so many links in the chain that it feels increasingly challenging to secure meaningful return on media investment. This includes middlemen, many of whom drive up costs for advertisers, don’t act transparently, and erode value.

The modern media ecosystem offers more opportunities than ever before, in fact it’s deceptively simple. The trouble is, as the market has become increasingly diverse, digital, and automated, it’s also become shrouded in unnecessary jargon and complexity that have wrested control away from buyers. This has eroded trust, transparency, and efficiency.

It’s about time buyers had the information and tools to assert their control and get on an equal footing with vendors.