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Media Futures Market curates the biggest and strongest media brands in every advertising channel. Giving marketeers the tools to effectively reach their target audiences.

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In the digital age where Google and Meta dominate the performance marketing landscape, envision Media Futures Market as the indispensable tab on every advertiser’s browser. This isn't just another platform; it's your curated gateway to all high-quality media owners, standing ready to effectively reach your target audience.

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Media Futures Market offers the latest and most innovative advertising opportunities in every channel.

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How media opportunities became reality

Media Futures Market offers the latest and most innovative advertising opportunities in every channel.

Increase Brand awareness amongst Dutch travellers

Apollo Reizen had a campaign at Basic Fit, at Online video channels and an awareness campaign at WeTransfer with an impressive video that captures your attention.The result is record sales and a hockeystick effect.

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Reach out to new decision makers

The focus was on radio with BNR during drive time, when decision makers are carefully listening what the day will bring. As a result leads were generated and the campaign was recognised by possible customers.

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Generate lead traffic to new pOS

Table du Sud opened a new furniture shop in Rotterdam and the goal of the campaign was to make impact and lead traffic to their shop. The Wow being the most impactful one. As a result Table du Sud has officially landed in the city and customers are finding their way to the shop.

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Increase in Brand awareness

Boels Rental’s goal was more brand awareness amongst audiences that were active on YouTube in the context of their business in multiple countries. They used online video on YouTube to reach an audience that is harder to find in other channels, because it was a campaign in 6 countries. As a result they had a successful business spring season.

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Growth in audience and customers

After years of Covid, the travel brand wanted to grow their audience and customers. Print, Radio, TV and Online Video to reach their target audience with their unique approach. The results are a significant increase in bookings.

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by connecting with verified sellers in every advertising channel


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Visualise ideas by adding curated advertising products with information on reach, audience, availability and more to your MediaBoard. Keep control of your spend by allocating budgets and scheduling flights.

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Introducing IRIS

The AI Media Assistant helping advertisers plan and buy media.

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Objective and Data-Driven Planning

Say goodbye to biased media plans and hello to pure data-driven insights. IRIS creates media plans strictly based on objective data and impartial analyses, free from commercial agreements that could compromise objectivity. This ensures your brand gets the most effective media exposure based on hard facts, including reliable statistics from a.o. CBS, scientific articles and unbiased product information from media owners.

Efficient and Effective Campaign Execution

Maximize your advertising impact while saving time and resources. IRIS evaluates your briefing, taking into account your milestones, preferences, and restrictions. Within no time, you'll receive a detailed and actionable media plan complete with budget allocation and a timeline for execution. This precision and efficiency allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the intricacies of media planning.

Revolutionize Your Media Planning

Transform your briefings into successful campaigns effortlessly. Once your plan is ready, it can be easily presented and reviewed via your MediaBoard, where you can directly connect with media owners. IRIS ensures that every requirement is thoroughly integrated into the final plan, guaranteeing a smooth collaboration and optimal results.

chat directly with verified media owners

Request additional information, pricing proposals and availability to enrich your MediaBoard. Close the deal and launch your campaign.

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Easy collaboration with media asset management

All shared visuals, documents, and URLs are easily accessible and timestamped, so you always know what is the latest version. This eliminates the time-consuming task searching through messages and emails for that one crucial file.

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Seamless integration with every mail provider

Get notified about missed activity and respond directly within your email provider. Our notificiation system ensures that every message and shared file is store inside the conversation history, maintaining a clear overview and preventing information loss.

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