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By converting the media kit into digital advertising products, you enhance accessibility for advertisers. It allows them to easily explore and understand the various advertising opportunities available, ensuring that they can make informed decisions about their campaigns.

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Streamlined communication

Media products facilitate streamlined communication between media owners and advertisers. With digital advertising products created from the media kit, media owners can provide advertisers with clear and concise information, enabling efficient collaboration and reducing potential misunderstandings.

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Increased flexibility

Digital advertising products offer increased flexibility for both media owners and advertisers. Media owners can adapt their offerings based on market trends and advertiser requirements, while advertisers can choose from a range of options to create campaigns that align with their specific goals and budgets.

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Increased exposure

By utilizing the power of media products, media owners can expand their exposure and reach a wider audience. Digital advertising products enable media owners to showcase their opportunities on various online platforms, reaching potential advertisers who may not have been aware of their offerings through traditional media kits.

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Innovation and adaptability

Utilising Media Futures Market represent an innovative approach to advertising by adapting traditional media kits to the digital landscape. It embraces the evolving needs and preferences of advertisers and provides a platform for media owners to stay competitive in the dynamic advertising industry.

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The products of your store will be the main attraction to advertisers. It is crucial to showcase the products effectively in order to attract interested media buyers. This being said, make sure they stand out from the crowd and that they are immediately recognizable to an international public. Take note of the following:

Be visually attractive. It's essential to showcase your products with high-quality images. You can upload more than 1 image for a product, when needed to. Your media products are a reflection of your creativity as a media owner, as well as an indication the several ways the the media can be put to use.

Help customers make informed purchases. Correctly communicate your audience, add a detailed description of the product, the media category they fall into, the submission specification and deadlines, and help advertisers evaluate their budget by sharing a minimum media spend. Customers can get a better understanding of what they are buying, which will help them make informed decisions and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Be credible and transparent. Communicate fair and honest prices per product, as well as the measurement units being used for campaign evaluations. Include the average reach per product, the variables that influence the prices, and offer a detailed evaluation after a finished campaign.

Evaluate and improve your products. The included media owner dashboard tells you exactly how frequently, how long and at what time or day your products are being visited. This way, it is easy to see which products need a bit of alteration or extra promoting on the platform, newsletters, blog posts, or socials of Media Futures Market.

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