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BlowUP Media Benelux B.V.

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Over BlowUP Media Benelux B.V.

BlowUP media, a Ströer Group company, provides over 300 high-frequency Giant Poster opportunities across Europe. With over 30 years of experience and sites reaching up to 1,500 m² we are the European experts in Giant Posters. As well as partnering with major brands to deliver impactful advertising, blowUP media's expertise in premium large-format sites enables us to assist building owners, including local authorities and heritage sites, wrapping buildings creatively during renovation works. We are a purpose driven organization that tries to create positive impact together with our business partners. Being relevant within media and society is crucial, therefore in The Benelux we work with the PVC free product, called Echo®. In addition, blowUP media is realizing a growing number of large-scale LED screens, named Super Motions. With these large-format outdoor advertising spaces we can reach target groups with impressive, attention-grabbing and far-reaching images.

Rotterdam - The Wow
Amsterdam - The Capital
Utrecht - The Emerald

Benefit from a low minimum campaign spend

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