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Simplify the sharing of files, creative assets, campaign briefs, and any other important documents. Our marketplace provides a secure and convenient file-sharing feature, enabling you to exchange files directly within the chat interface. Share visuals, presentations, data sheets, and more with media owners and colleagues, ensuring everyone is on the same page and equipped with the necessary resources.

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Collaborate with your colleagues effortlessly by creating group chats within the marketplace. Invite team members, brainstorm ideas, discuss campaign strategies, and align your efforts for maximum impact. With group chats, you can streamline collaboration, ensure effective communication, and drive better results collectively.

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Engaging with different media products is an important part of staying informed and entertained in today's fast-paced world. From traditional media such as newspapers and television to newer digital platforms such as social media and podcasts, there are a wide range of media products available. However, with so many options, it can be challenging to know how to effectively engage with each type of media product.

Media Futures Market has done the work for you. You simply fill out your desired target audience, content, media categories or campaign period and we’ll select the right media for you. Discover the different media products offered by a verified media owner, their submission specifications and deadlines, the minimal spend needed and - when available - the average reach for your selection. This way, you’ll be able to quickly evaluate media on effectiveness and feasibility.

We value inclusive messaging and conscious media buying. One way we promote this, is by offering a filtering of carbon-efficient media types, and inclusive and ethical media owners or products. This way, you can market your brand or product in a way that reflects your companies’ values.

Media Futures Market verifies every media owner on the platform, guaranteeing you transparency of the right and fair prices. Keep in control of your budget and goals, no middlemen needed.

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